Nov 4, 2010
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  1. General studio presentation and project review
  2. Dave’s Mars wet dream: terraform a plot of land
    - If there is nothing there, we are bringing it
    - A small cultivated plot of land then terraforming the whole planet
    - Mycology
  3. Freeman Dyson: resist urge to use machines to terraform. Bioengineer plants & life
    - African baobob trees: CO2 from atmosphere converts to O2 into interior of trunk and makes water reservoirs
    - “Air caves” ala “Robinson Caruso on Mars”
    - “A huge tree with a door in it.”
    - Make a model or full scale habitat for 2.0
  4. Space exploration is key to environmental conservation
    - Solar cells & power reduction developed for space
    - Energy husbandry essential to survival in both scenarios
    - Efficiency is key translated into saving terrrestrial resources
    - ESC party in DC Nov. 18th NASA education meeting Nov. 19th
  5. Dave Akin: next generation suit technology
    - Using robots in microgravity
    - Neutral buoyancy facility compares robot vs. human and robot + human tasks
    - Foamcore and fiberglass construction methods (to control density in real time)
    - Exchange visits
  6. Julia Zimmerman: power assist gloves to detect and augment motion and crush rocks MIT
  7. Dava Newman: 2mm skinsuit, like wetsuit, for low pressure: not vacuum
  8. Well researched sci-fi lasts the test of time: 2001
  9. Reentry Dave-fist-lighter-lecturehall
  10. Rickshaw Rally, Mongol Rally: Ultimate bricolage adventure [JPL vs. Sachs challenge]
  11. Kelly Johnson: Lockheed Skunk Works designed SR-71, U2, P38 Lightning
    Sleddriver book.   U2 still can’t design a better plane today for that environment
  12. Why does a technology perfect itself just before the next quantum leap?
    That jump is expensive in cost and time.
    Eke out as much at the lower level before jump.
    What would Henry Petroski do?
  13. Enco combo unit for basement
    Chesapeake Area Metalworking Society
    Iron Fever auction in PA
    Therry Brothers in PA auction
    Rust belt
  14. Space elevator: carbon nanotubes for Foucault’s pendulum
    Contact contest participants?
  15. Banana plug connection for EDL rover with limit switch under tread
Jul 23, 2010
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Armory Floor Plan.

Armory Floor Plan.

sprf to do
Jul 23, 2010
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To-Do List #1

To-Do List #1

Jul 23, 2010
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Jul 22, 2010
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Jul 21, 2010
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